Love is in the Air......

I had so much fun with an amazing couple last week, i will be shooting their wedding in November. We met Downtown Corpus Christi for the first part their engagement session. They knew they wanted a Downtown themed session but wanted some outdoor looking images as they are texans & love the outdoors and Boots. 

We ended up with a gorgeous sunny day with great colors and textures to shoot against. 

I found out during our session the Groom is a Veteran so we stopped by this great wall to get an image, He loves the resulting image.

Mall commercial photography


CLIENT: Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay
SHOOT: Commissioned
CREDITS: Photography – Paul Marshall
SYSTEM: FujiFilm X series cameras & Prime Lenses

I recently attended a grand opening at a new mall in Corpus Christi, TX. I covered their big event and this lead to being asked to provide images of the location for media and promotional material. 

These images are an ongoing project to capture the beauty of this mall. I shot with mirrorless camera system, Fuji XT2 and 16mm for all the wide shots and 50-140mm for the longer shots. 

The fuji system packs a punch for a smaller cropped, mirrorless system and handles every job I throw at it. Please enjoy the below images and follow my blog for updates. 



Authentic Indian Sari Dress Photoshoot


CLIENT: Commisioned
SHOOT: Fashion Photoshoot
CREDITS: Photography – Paul Marshall
SYSTEM: FujiFilm X series & Lenses

I was asked to capture an Authentic Sari dress here in Corpus Christi, Texas. I was honored to photograph this amazing dress in all its glory and reminds me of being back in UK as i would see a lot of these all the time at weddings etc. 

I wanted to shoot my style of photography with lots of color and creative lighting both of which show the details and colors of this dress and i think we made it look great.

The 'Storytelling' family session


CLIENT: Commisioned
SHOOT: StoryTelling session
CREDITS: Photography – Paul Marshall
SYSTEM: FujiFilm X series cameras & 56mm 1.2

My client contacted me to say that she wanted something different in their family session this year, Less posed and more natural. Perfect for my storytelling session that i have started pushing to my clients. 

The Texas weather was in full force today, Not like the British weather i'm used to so on go my shorts and short sleeved shirt (yes in march to all my European friends) and i head out with my trusty Fujifilm X system and the amazing 56mm 1.2 lens. 

My style on this type of shoot is to turn up at the location and walk with the family and shoot emotions & interactions as they unfold in our 60 minute session, in this case we were done in 20 minutes, I believe the cameras i use help capturing children as they are not as big as a house and they allow me to interact more meaning more smiles.

Here are a couple of samples to feast your eyes on. 

First wedding of the season.....

The season is here and i have started with a corker of a wedding that the lovely couple allowed me to shoot my style of traditional English & Documentary mixed. Many locations here in texas are modern and capturing a traditional style takes some work but i thing we accomplished what we were looking for. 

FujiFilm XT2 & 50-140mm XF Lens, Magmod Sphere for additional lighting. 

This was our first wedding since going fully to a Fujifilm X mirrorless camera system. What can i say about this system in one word ? WOW !!! i feel that my wedding photography has been reborn. Let the images tell the story so here is a few from the day.