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A client asks, A client shall receive

I had a client traveled 2 hours to have a consultation about producing an image for her daughters Quinceañera entrance picture. When I saw the dress on my clients iPhone I thought this needs to be an epic images just as the dress is. 

We arranged a time to come in and create the masterpiece so I started to plan, lighting and the content for this image. As we are located in the hot and humid south Texas with no real locations to do this dress justic, I decided this image would need to be a composition of 2 images.

BTS image

I searched my library for an image that would work with the dress and subject and the end result is amazing, my client did well. 

The gear is used for this image was a Fujifilm XT2 + 50mm f2 lens, My main light was a Godox AD200 + Westcott 7' Umbrella, two Flashpoint Zoom Li-ons were used for rim lighting.