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Fuji X Passion publication......

Hey everyone, 

So recently i invested in a mirrorless camera system for my personal & family photography when on vacation or just having some family fun around the BBQ. I bought a Fujifilm XT1 camera and a 35mm 1.4 lens to start out.

This system was not to replace my Nikon Full Frame camera system but more of a run along side the pro kit backup type of camera system. 3 months down the line i realized that i was picking up the fuji kit whenever i needed a picture around the house etc, so the fuji is doing its job as a family camera.

Lets skip forward to 2 weeks ago after owning the fuji for over a year now and a couple of lenses plus also shooting some paid work for the magazine i used to work for, i was approached by a magazine from Portugal about the images i post on Facebook etc they asked if i shoot Fujifilm 100% of the time and i said no i shoot with it beside my Nikon System.

The magazine was keen to know if any of the Batman images i took recently were taken by the the Fuji XPRO2 that i now own, I told them that they were not shot with the fuji but my nikon Full Frame camera and lenses. 

The next question was 'can you do some with the Fuji camera ?', my response was hell yeah i can give it a go. I thought oh my i have to reproduce these Nikon D800 36 megapixel images on a Fuji camera. Below is a shot i took with my Nikon Setup....  

So i set to work and started planning a shoot with batman and my mirrorless camera and lenses. Jumping forward to this week, I met Batman and we worked on a set of images we wanted to shoot and here is the outcome with the below images, we shot 5-7 images and these are the only two i presented to the magazine as samples to make sure they were good enough to be in a international magazine going out the homes across the globe.

The response i got from the owner and publisher of the magazine was astonishing 'Mr marshall your work is amazing and it will be a joy to have you feature in our magazine'. So here is one of the images i took with my Fuji Camera....

I have been given a 14 page article on my life as a photographer and to present some of my finest work with my FujiFilm cameras, the magazine is FUJI X Passion.