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Medical Profile Photoshoot

On Friday 4th March i was assigned a job to capture some images for a local publication. I decided to shoot with a Flashpoint Rovelight RL-600B + 22" Beauty Dish for the entire shoot within the medical emergency location. 

Flashpoint RL-600B + 22" BD + Pocketwizard TT5 Transceiver

Flashpoint RL-600B + 22" BD + Pocketwizard TT5 Transceiver

Towards the end of the shoot the magazine publisher said he would like an image of the main members from the ER at the rear of the building under the sign but having the sign slightly blurred (Bokeh). So i thought i could shoot at sync speed of my Nikon 1/250 and f16 so to have a image that is sharp all the way from the foreground to the background and tell the publisher thats all i could do with the midday sun in the sky.

Or i could work with the amazing Rovelight and shoot at 1/4000, F2.8, iso 100 and overpower the sun in Hypersync mode. The end result was great and the publisher was amazed :-) Job well done.

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