How Your Portrait Session Works

When you decide to book a session with ShutterLife, we will begin with a pre-consultation where we talk about how you see your finished images?

Do you want to display them on your walls, have them as a personal keepsake in a luxurious hand-crafted folio box, showcased in a beautiful coffee table style photo album or you require digital files only that you can share and enjoy with your family and friends? 

The options are endless, and I am here to guide your through the process.

All we ask for to book a session with us is $50.00, Yes you heard that correct :-)


Each portrait session begins with a pre-consultion (usually over the phone, via email or online, however, clients are also welcome to book a 15 minute studio visit if they prefer). The pre-consultation is where we talk about how you see your finished images, what print products would suit your style and needs, we talk briefly about wardrobe and styling and lastly about how best to prepare for your session.

Your Photo Session - Studio or Outdoors

Your photo session is the fun part. This is where you get to spend some quality time with the ones you love most, while I capture all the details. If your session is outdoors, it's important not to worry about your children but to just enjoy the antics as they unfold... The laughter, the banter and the playful moments that make you all, you! 

Studio sessions take place in Corpus Christi where everything is setup to create the best images possible.

Viewing and Ordering Appointment

This is the exciting part where you will view your images, Online or in person at our studio.

We will happily advise you on which images would best suit your home decor and which products to pair with each other, to get the most out of your session. This is when you will finalise your portrait print order, so it is very important for both mom and dad to be at your viewing appointment. We have product samples in our studio to help you choose and envisage what your finished products will look like in your home.

Collection of Artwork

Your product orders will be ready for collection within 1-2 weeks of placing your order. As soon as your order arrives, we will notify you to arrange collection from the studio (in-house orders, online orders are directly sent to your home). This is the best part of it all ~ seeing your beautiful images displayed on your walls and in your home.